Why should HS2AA criticise a college to develop engineering skills?

IT is truly astonishing the lengths that some HS2 opponents will go to find fault with the project — including, it now seems, criticising plans to train many more engineers . . . engineers whom we will need, anyway, in the future.

On 13 January – as Network Rail’s outgoing chief executive David Higgins began moving into his new role as chairman of HS2 Ltd – it was announced that Britain’s first Further Education College for over 20 year is to be established to train the next generation of world-class engineers to “benefit HS2 and other future infrastructure projects across the country.”

Note the reference to ‘other future infrastructure projects’ – over the course of the next Parliament, 2015-20, the Government’s National Infrastructure Plan anticipates investment of £100 billion, of which HS2 will represent only about ten per cent. Continue reading

It’s time for the big HS2 budget show!

HELLO, and welcome to another in our popular series of figure-juggling, in which we put those pesky integers and fractions to the test!

Our guest today is Mr Richard Houghton of HS2 Action Alliance. What do you do at the Alliance, Mr Houghton?

You’re a director? That’s great. Well, I see you’ve brought along some new figures. That’s great too.

So, let’s see what Mr Houghton can do with these figures. Continue reading