Astonishing ignorance

REPORTS about HS2 are coming along with increasingly tight headways just at the moment.

If nothing else, they give anyone bored with the imminent festivities something different to read on Boxing Day, and today we have another one.

This is from the Commons Transport Committee, which is broadly confirming its support for the scheme, subject to one or two qualifications.

The suggestions from the Committee include the possibility of starting work in the north and building towards the south, which is apparently going to be considered. Continue reading

HS2 public opinion needs facts to be correctly reported

A RECENT Telegraph/ICM poll found that only three per cent of voters thought HS2 will be delivered on time and on budget but this is hardly surprising, given the amount of misinformation about the project put about by so much of the news media.

For a start, HS2 is generally referred to in media reports as costing anything from 42 billion to 70, 80 or even, recently, 100 billion.

When the Hybrid Bill for phase 1 was published on 25 November, many reports referred to a cost of 50 billion whereas the quoted price for the first phase given to parliament in June was just 21.4 billion. Continue reading