Re-franchising – still pain and not much gain?

IF bookmakers yesterday shortened the odds a little on a Labour victory at the next general election, I shouldn’t be at all surprised.  The Government’s announcement of its revised franchising policy for rail passenger services clearly indicated they expect to lose the next election in two years and one month’s time.  Re-franchising looks more like a political football than a genuine attempt to seriously improve things for passengers. Continue reading

Is Judicial Review the end of the road for HS2’s opponents?

IT doesn’t really matter how much spin the anti-HS2 campaigners put on the outcome of their Judicial Review.  The result was a disaster for them. Their only achievement has been to secure a re-run of public consultation on compensation to be paid to those affected by the new line. But their principal objective was– and, listening to their subsequent comments, still is – to stop the project going ahead at all.  Continue reading